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Lake Somerset Stars

I went out to Lake Somerset (here in QLD, Australia) the other day to try and do some star trail photos. Unfortunately my lens started gathering dew on it after about half an hour or so. Wasn’t able to get any star trails, but here’s a 30 second exposure of the Milky Way instead :) Amazing how many stars you can see once you get outside of the city. Time to invest in a dew heater I think!

somerset lake stars

Brad & Kristy

Recently I was lucky enough to attend a beautiful wedding up in the Whitsundays on Daydream Island. I wasn’t actually there to take photos (I did have to take a cake, but that’s a whole other story!) but I couldn’t resist taking the camera as well. I set it up in the corner and shot a short time lapse at the reception. The weather was great and we got to do a bit of snorkelling as well! I only took a handful of photos, but the wedding was great. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to put a couple up soon.

Congratulations to Brad and Kristy :)

Stacey & Klint

Camille and I were lucky to be a part of Stacey and Klint’s amazing wedding at Kanbeki House at the Gold Coast this weekend. The weather was perfect and the lush surroundings really made for a wonderful backdrop. We knew there was going to be a limo, lots of beautiful flowers and a helicopter arrival, but what we weren’t prepared for was just how fun and relaxed the wedding would be. It really was the most enjoyable wedding I’ve been to; nobody was stressed and everyone was just there to have fun. I think it really shows in the photos (especially the beach ones). Camille has more photos, including the helicopter flight over at her blog.

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Alissa & Robert

Recently Camille and I were lucky enough to shoot our first wedding video (instead of photos like we normally do). The day was perfect – great venue, perfect weather and a lovely family. Check out the video below (best viewed in full-screen).

Music: Coldplay – Paradise
Video: Camille Santiago & Luke Chapman

Dash turns one.

On Sunday I had the wonderful privilege to be asked to shoot a 1st birthday party. But this wasn’t just any first birthday. Dash’s mum (Brigid) had spent 80 hours (yes, EIGHTY!) hand crafting a whole table full of sweets. Everything was based around the theme “apple of our eye” and the creativity didn’t just stop at the chocolates. Everything was red and green, and there were custom logos and tags on everything! Even the blocks of chocolate were hand-made. The weather was perfect and lots of Dash’s family and friends were there to help celebrate. Thanks to Brigid and Dale for inviting me to be part of Dash’s celebrations. Check out some of the photos below.

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Keep your eyes peeled…

I know this blog’s been sitting here underused for a long time, but I finally have some time on my hands, so will be updating it a bit in the next few weeks. I’ve got some wedding photos, engagement photos and party photos to come, so stay tuned!

Cub Scouts @ Bean.

Yesterday Cub Scouts played a secret gig at Bean in the city. Bean was one of my regular coffee shops when I was working in the city (they have amazing butterscotch muffins and iced coffee), and I only found out about this gig through Facebook. I saw Cub Scouts when they supported Ball Park Music recently, and loved their sound. I arrived early expecting lots of people, yet there was hardly anyone around. That soon changed though, and Bean was packed full with Cub Scouts fans. Below are a few photos from the gig, and there are more over on my flickr account. You can download a free copy of Cub Scouts’ track “Evie” here.

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St Mary’s, Warwick

Kangaroo Point

I haven’t been out to take photos in so long, so I took the opportunity the other day when it finally stopped raining. Took a quick trip out to Kangaroo Point cliffs and snapped a few shots.

Gallery Event Today!

Update: Here are some photos from us setting up. It was great to see such a range of talent in all different mediums.

On the off chance that you may be in Brisbane city today, there is an art/gallery event to showcase talent and help raise money for the endangered Bridled Nailtail Wallaby.

Entry to the event will be by gold coin donation – all proceeds will be donated to the Bridled Nailtail Wallaby. Art may be sold on the day and a percentage of sales will be donated.

The Gallery is at Level 3, 400 George Street for all day viewing 9.00am – 4.00pm. There is some great photography, painting, sculpture etc.

There will also be a lunchtime gig (hip-hop artist, singers etc) 12:30pm – 1:30pm

The bridled nailtail wallaby is unique (endemic) to Queensland. It is listed as Endangered in Queensland (Nature Conservation Act 1992) and is only found on two protected areas and one nature refuge. Australian Animals and Care Australia (AACE) have worked with DERM to help recover the bridled nailtail wallaby. However, AACE have limited funds to look after their captive population of bridled nailtail wallabies and AACE is facing extra challenges with the repair of the wallaby pens (after damage from the floods) and the decline in the volunteer workforce. Donations to AACE will go directly to their work.